dimecres, 7 de novembre de 2012


Enceto ofensiva Heroes Unlimited, penjant alguns personatges que vaig creant per provar-lo.

Hemrod, fireman wielder of the Asgardian Axe

Power category: Asgardian Ancient Weapons Master Dwarf (Powers Unlimited 3 pg. 90, Rifts CB2 pg. 166)
Alignment: Good (Scrupulous)
Occupation: Firefighter
Attributes: I.Q. 11, M.E. 19, M.A. 12, P.S. 49 (Superhuman), P.P. 17, P.E. 19, P.B. 11, Spd 22 (24 km/h)
Can carry 4,410 kg and lift 6,615 kg
Hit Points: 25
S.D.C.: 115
P.P.E.: 19
I.S.P.: 46
Horror factor: None normally, 10 if their supernatural nature is revealed.
Height: 1.18 m Weight: 90 kg
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 27.4 m (can see in total darkness). Impervious to cold. Superhuman strength.
Special abilities: Expert in recognizing weapon quality (ancient weapons) 60%, Craft weapons 84%, Melee Weapons expertise: Weapon master (Bonuses with Melee weapons already factored; knows all melee WP), Paired Weapons, Resist disarm attack (½  opponent’s bonuses to disarm and opponents without a disarm bonus fails unless a natural 19 or 20 roll), Parry projectile bonus (-2 parry throwing weapons and -6 parry bullets or energy attacks), Disabling strike (½  damage but victim loses initiative, 2 melee actions, 33% drop holding weapon and attacker gets a free shot at him. Any attack just after Disabling strike are defended with ½ parry and dodge bonuses).
Skills: H2H Martial Arts, Recognize weapon quality (ancient weapons) 60%, Craft weapons 84%, Dwarven language 98%, Dragonese/Elven 98%, Old Norse 98%, Running, Climbing 60%, Military Etiquette 55%, Radio: Basic 65%, Automotive mechanics 40%, Aircraft mechanics 40%, Basic electrònics 45%, Weapons engineer 40%, Mechanical engineering  35%, Wilderness survival 30%, Prowl 25%, Bodybuilding, Firefighting 30%, Computer operation 50%, Computer programming 40%, Truck 40%.
Combat: 4 (6 with melee weapons)
Bonuses:  +6 vs. Horror factor, +2 vs. psionic attack, +2 vs. Insanity, +8% vs. coma/death, +2 vs. magic/poison.
Basic: +1 strike, +1 parry, +1 dodge, +3 roll, +2 initiative, +3 pull punch.
With Any Melee Weapon: +2 strike, +1 parry, +3 disarm, +6 pull punch (no damage or 1 to half damage)
Paired Weapons (Battle axe): +2 strike, +4 parry, +4 disarm, +6 pull punch (no damage or 1 to half damage)
W/ Dwarfs Batlle-Axe: +3 strike, +5 parry, +4 disarm, +6 pull punch (no damage or 1 to half damage)
Damage: (+34 S.D.C. H2H damage)
Battle Axe 3D6
Body flip/throw: 1D6 SDC (loses initiative and one attack).
Punch 1D6
Equipment: Workshop at the fire-brigade basement, Dwarfs Battle-Axe (3D6 S.D.C. damage, wielder’s get ½ damage from fire and heat, +1 strike/parry, returns when thrown) , 1000$, full-face gas mask, helmet, firefighter flame-resistant uniform.
Background: Hemrod was a weapon master among the dwarves of Asgard. His pride was such that he dared to defy Odin himself in a singular combat. Of course, Hemrod expertise was not enough for the father God, who exiled him to Earth as a punishment. He landed Earth as a fireball from the sky and burned a building to ashes killing a family in the accident. When the fire brigade arrived, they found him naked and unconscious with an axe in his hand (his magical dwarf axe helped him). Unknown from the truth, they thought Hemrod was trying to help. Hermod, hunted by his own shame and fault, played the amnesic card with the fire brigade, which adopted him. Now, Hermod tries to expiate his sins working as a fireman.
Disposition: Once proud and haughty, Hemrod has become a respected piece of the society. He is friendly and brave. Always trying to help to his mates. His mechanic skills serves the fire brigade well and he is very accepted in it. Although, Hemrod hides the secret of his true origin and special abilities, always fearing to be uncovered. He always keeps his axe near him “it brought me luck” -always says to those who ask.